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It took many hours last Saturday but we three found a new climbing area.  The rock type is quite different from any other we have encountered here and somewhat reminds me of rock at the Obed in Tennessee minus the large overhangs.  The site is literally in the corner of our county with thirty minutes of gravel roads and 20 minutes of fast walking.

Preparing to climb


Getting down to business

 This climb looks as though it should be easy because of the angle, but the holds get smaller and smaller as you approach the top so that it ends up being friction climbing at the top.  There would be more pictures of the other two climbing if I hadn’t been belaying so much.

Full On


A Move Too Hard

There is no lack of challenge here for me.  So I think I’ll be back for more.  The lack of roads and trails and people makes this climbing site decidedly more remote than most I’ve been to.  I reminds me of a site I sought out for a threatened wildflower recently.  I mountain biked about seven miles beyond the gate on gravel. It’s a pity that I didn’t find the flowers.  They’ll bloom next year and perhaps I’ll try again.

Topping Out

I must confess to liking the challenge of climbing, but it also gives me a physical and mental release from much  I have to deal with in teaching in a  public school.  Being successful at climbing and making progress on difficult climbs requires focus, a focus that wipes worries and distractions away.  Sitting under the rock and talking to your friend 

Sport Climb Protection

and belayer is relaxing and encouraging, while climbing is invigorating and intense.  For me it’s a good combination.  Oh, and the view is great, too.  The mountain laurel and galax were blooming this time out, but the bugs were biting, too. I came home tired but relaxed of mind.  I had a question recently about knowing if the anchors in sport climbing are secure and about who installs them.  Two things immediately came

 to mind about this subject, one faith-based 
 and one pragmatic.  Pragmatically
 speaking, the newer 3/8″ stainless bolts and
 hangers don’t seem to ever corrode, and
 the method of installation is consistent
 because they have an automatic torque
 setting. The way this works is the bolt was
 longer when installed and broke off at a pre-
 set torque as it was tightened.  For it to hold
 the hanger tight, as can easily be seen upon
inspection, the bolt must be the right depth and the right torque.  From the other point of view, we trust people not to run us over on the highway or as we cross the street, not to gun us down in our own yard, etc.  We should not rely upon this trust in an unquestioning and careless way, but ultimately it is God who we are trusting to preserve our lives and warn or redirect us when we are in danger.  A constant conversation with Him, I believe, is the best precaution for any situation.  He alerts our hearts to potential physical, emotional, and spiritual dangers if we will but listen. So climb, drive, relax, or work with alertness and confidence. We last not one minute longer than His plan nor one minute shorter. He is the preserver of our soul and body.

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