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The Mathmetician


While I was administering a read aloud End of Course Test my thougths would wonder and gaze focus through the window to the dimly seen mountains in the distance while the student was considering and answering. This is a3 hour affair afterall: you, a student, a proctor, silence, no reading, no writing. One can understand random thoughts at a time like this- who’s worried about boredom, sanity is the point! One thing the student was doing tipped off a flow of consciousness similar to what follows (recorded later for posterity):

Punnet Squares and Nautilus fractals 

Kepler’s Planetary Laws and Newton’s for gravitation and motion

Net forces yet balanced, accelerations

Precisely balanced interaction of fundamental forces

Fundamentals, harmonics, and resolutions

Ratios of mass and atoms, atomic numbers and stable isotopes proceeding from neutron/proton ratios

Golden means and symmetries of body parts for balance, function, and beauty

Concentrations and equilibrium constants

Le Chatier balance and population pressures and triple points

French curves and planer and solid geometric equations

Coefficients of friction and laminar flow

Inertias, momentums, forces, energies, powers, efficiencies

Optical magnification, indices of refraction, and chromatic aberrations

Ohm’s Law, Coulomb’s Law, Kirchoff’s Laws

Integrations, derivations, trignometric relationships

Bernoulli’s, Boyle’s, Charles’, Gay-Lussac’s, Archimedes’, Pascal’s, Universal Gas Laws and Principles

Kinetic Theory and Collision Theory

Conservation of Energy, Matter, Momentum, and, Charge

What do these few ideas have in common? The Mathmetician has written into the fabric, solved simultataneously, and applied universally the equations…. the Infinite Algorithm!

(P.S. I know some of you like-minded types can add to this list…. come on, you know you want to.)

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