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It was one of those “around the end” weather patterns that bring us the big snows.  When we more typically get a front come over the mountains, because we are in the lee, most of the snow is shed on the Tennessee side and in the mountains.  But when the cold comes over the mountains and the moisture comes from the Gulf by way of a low pressure moving around the southern end of the Appalachian chain  then near to shore or across the coastal plain, watch out.

Catalpa Drift

I went out this morning to take pictures before the temperature began to rise and the foot and road traffic began to obscure the beauty.  I discovered last evening while taking a 4 mile walk with two of my sons that they prefer frolicing while my disposition of years causes me to prefer soaking in the beauty.  The storm, of course, reminds us of the ’93 blizzard, and from a localized perspective it may be apropos in places, but the snow is nowhere near as deep and the extent of the storm does not compare.  Still it will be a snow to remember and my youngest son just saw his first 6+ inch snow of his young life.  It may have caused me to start my school break 3 days early.  If the temperature stays low enough to preserve some snow or cause icy spots on the road, we’ll stay home.  I have no lack of reading, writing, and chores to keep me busy.  Snow presents multiple opportunities for pursuits not otherwise available.  It is one of the

The evidence

 pleasures of snow days:  Time spent with family, varied activity, exercise, rest, and memories. The mystique surrounding a snow may have more to do with what else happens because of the snow rather than the snow itself.  But on the otherhand snow is refreshing to the soul and few there are that don’t get excited at its sight.  I am thankful to God for the timing, its beauty, a warm dry house, and family to enjoy it with.  I hope people are finding shelter and being prudent about travel.  I think I’ll continue my snow day activities and hope yours are pleasant to you.

A Snowball Bush

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