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The Way of Science

The first poem I remember writing as an adult came to me while my students were taking a test. I was struck by their recent questions of why they should know this material, how I got interested in science, and what difference it makes. My thoughts added what truth and true science are. Science succeeded and grew in Western thought because people who believed in a God of order and reason who reveals Himself sought greater understanding of Him through His Creation. That should tint how you read my poem:

I love science
For in it there is compliance
With all of the laws
Upon which this space-time draws


I study science
Because of its reliance
On a complex design
That is beautiful and fine


I teach science
That screams with defiance
Of all that is false
And dearly held without cause


If you pursue science
Prepare for acquiescence
To ways of thinking
Both disturbing and satisfying

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Overflows from the Heart

"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart…" Matthew 15:18


Pointing to the One who made, saved, and sustains