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Await the Fall

It is perhaps an odd subject for a midsummer’s evening, or maybe not after another day of sweating profusely at chores and listening to the day’s thunder rolling over the mountain. The oddity really comes down to how it came about. The first two lines I wrote last fall one morning looking out the window by my desk before work was to begin. The pleasant thoughts that it brought to me caused me to think it was the beginning of many more thoughts but I laid it aside on  my desk until a break. I found it when cleaning up papers at the beginning of summer. I took it home and laid it next to my rocking chair where I read and pay bills and think. It laid there for a month. The next time I saw it I thought, now or never. Don’t construe the poem to mean that I dislike summer. There is much to like about summer, but we all have preferences and mine is Fall. I am thankful to God to live in an environment where there is a definite change of seasons and deciduous trees to mark the occasions.
A fair, crisp morning
Grass glistens with frost
Birds' feathers fluffed up
That heat not be lost

Chill braces the lungs
Nips at nose and cheeks
Rescue from summer's
Many draining weeks

Oh, how I love Fall
When insects retreat
Reptiles slow and stall
Dry mildews defeat

No more sweat required
Only now by choice
Humidity low
Lightens heart and voice

Skies are clearer now
Leaves have joyful hues
Stars are brighter, too
Grander mountain views

Change is in the air
Every front attests
Animals store food
For their winter rests

Crops have all matured
Bring the harvest in
Celebrate bounty
With neighbors and kin

Yellow blooms abound
Earth tones more I see
Dried herb fragrances
Nature's potpourri

Outdoor things to do
Cool air is the best
All await the Fall
For change and for rest

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Overflows from the Heart

"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart…" Matthew 15:18


Pointing to the One who made, saved, and sustains