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Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? If you read this first, you are getting the bad news first, but it ends with a silver lining.

We had hiked a very moderate route on a beautiful day. I had eaten less and differently that usual. My stomach had hurt slightly the last several days. I parted with my brother and his grandson after a very pleasant day. We had stayed at the Donley Cabin the night before, and I was returning to have a quiet night alone- no water, no electricity, and no electronics. When I arrived I didn’t feel very well- tired mostly. I thought, no time constraints as to when I fix supper, so I laid down to take a nap at about 6 PM (Times are all conjecture since I had no time piece.). Perhaps an hour later I woke up with my stomach hurting and a strong urge to go. In the outhouse I totally cleaned out both ends. I slowly made my way back to my bunk, sleeping fitfully for the next 14 hours or so. During my waking moments I awoke to sounds of mice chewing, rain pelting, and wind blowing. A strong stitch in my side prevented anymore than short naps and finding a new position. At what I think may have been around 8 AM I finally got up. I had to put every stitch of clothing on to get warm, probably because of lack of food more than morning chill. With no appetite, I planned my retreat. I didn’t think I had the fortitude to make two trips to the car, 0.3 mile away. We had come up twice upon entrance, and I had used my great-nephew’s pack (40 liter perhaps). So I set about consolidating everything as much as possible. That is when I found what the mouse had been working on all night, a 1-inch square hole through the front pocket of my day pack. And to beat it all, he cut through the top part of the plastic bag that didn’t even admit him to any goodies. You know, I’ve done this camping thing enough years to know to leave the pockets open so these things don’t happen- chock it up to delirium?

I plodded to the car and began the 4 hour drive home, only stopping once to text my wife that I was on my way home (first cellphone reception in 48 hours). My intention in staying the extra night by myself was a time of prayer and reflection concerning future decisions and concerns for my family. I did spend some time in concentrated prayer on those topics between naps in the night. I was much more efficient in what I had to say. I admit that I was not clear enough of mind to listen much.

Today, after sleeping in my own bed and having a shower, I was again lying down next to my napping wife. Still short on food but not short on sleep, I laid there thinking about what it would be like standing before my Savior. It seemed like more than mere drowsy contemplation. After it faded a poem came to me related to what I had thought and seen:

All of Adam’s race
But one day face to face
Our sins He will displace
Their presence He will erase
His glory a fond embrace
All by His sovereign grace


At the cabin door


Notice how wide the floor boards are.


Come sit a spell


Donley Cabin


A mouse that knows geometry?

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"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart…" Matthew 15:18


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