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Moving to the Country

My third son lived in an apartment for four years. It was roomy and quite nice as apartments go. He was married in early April and has been looking for a house and some property ever since. He is now blessed with a nice piece of property that was improved by the former owners. Below are some pictures of the move and some of the improvements.

I did not think to take pictures of the move out and loading the truck. I was too busy packing the truck to think about it. The first picture show my son’s KIA entering the driveway. There is a thin strip of pastureland between his property and the side road.

You cannot see the house from the road, which is nice.

The house has roomy front and back porches and a gas logs fireplace. The two most abundant tree species are White Oak and Pitch Pine.

In the Livingroom: Distance conferring over where to put things and where things are.

Amazing year where roses and azalea bloom in October.

Snack and fluid break!

All emptied out.

Out in front of the house across the driveway is a spacious brick patio with utilized hammock, swing, glider chairs, and a gas fire pit.

After the offloading and before lunch, I decided to walk the perimeter of the property. I started just behind the patio, proceeded to the north line at the long, narrow pasture that I mentioned earlier. I turned right (East) to follow the line to the NE corner marker. There I met the nearest neighbor, who is the brother of the former owner, with two of his granddaughters doing chores on his place. He had recently had the corners surveyed and pointed out where the next one is.

The woods to the south of the house where the property gently drops down to a small creek, has rich upland soil and some decent sized trees of more variety. I should have taken pictures of a few larger trees, notably 2′ diameter Yellow Poplar.

I proceeded along this line to the road. Their property actually has a small outlying strip on the other side of the road. I speculate that state straightened the road, leaving the fifty foot wide strip on the other side of the road. My son says that will prevent someone from building across the road from them, but I said they could, only you couldn’t see it with the screen of trees. Following is a picture of the SW corner marker.

This line marker is an axle with the differential end sticking up out of the ground. It is a good use of materials that I have seen as property markers many times.

These two markers suggest that either someone lost property and another gained property during the last survey, or there is a complex corner here. The right pipe is obviously the newer marker.

A fixture for country living. I’ll guess that some of you city folk don’t know what this is.

The garden space has been greatly enriched over 20 some odd years and is fenced in against deer, rabbits, and the like.

The property is marked by two additional banners: The Flag

…and the Cross.

You have to look close, but it can be lit up for passersby.

God has blessed my son and daughter-in-law with a spacious, well maintained, and all around pleasant locale for raising a family.

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