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Rocks, Roots, and Puddles

What are the most common sights on a hike? Yep, the title says it. That raises three why questions in my mind: 1) Why is that so? 2) Why would a sane person sign up for that? 3) Why, if these are most common sights, do you not remember these the most?

Answers: 1) Well, what you see most is what you look at most. The rougher the trail, the more you have to look down. Thus, rocks, roots, and puddles are your most common sight. 2) You have a goal or goals in mind: a view or unique destination to explore; exercise; clear your mind; enjoy the outdoors; spend a more relaxed, slower time with friends or family, or even alone. 3) The mind has an amazing ability to focus on what is desirable and profitable and shunt what is useless and painful. Shunting, as I see it, does not mean forgetting. It means storing out of conscious memory.

My daughter, son, his father-in-law, and I took a somewhat unique hike this morning. They came from the East and I came 1 1/2 hours from the West. We met at 6:45 to begin the hike. We even planned it on a day slated for rain. Click on Calloway Peak to see how it went.

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Overflows from the Heart

"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart…" Matthew 15:18


Pointing to the One who made, saved, and sustains