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As a Bible reader and a high school science teacher I cherish good analogies because they clarify otherwise obscure concepts. I thought of two short analogies in the past few days as I mused upon ideas concerning marriage and motivation.

Concerning marriage, I believe Satan would like nothing better than to destroy the picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church. As I thought of this attempt to hide this picture designed by God I thought of light pollution:

Even as the glare of city lights obscures the beauty of stars and moon, so the glitzy show of sexual perversion and marital unfaithfulness attempts to block the God glorifying purity of a man and a wife faithfully and lovingly representing Christ and His Church by their marriage.

As my pastor taught in Romans 1 last evening he marveled over the obligation of Paul in verse 14 becoming the eagerness to share the gospel in verse 15. He showed how we too should be eager in our obligations, not counting them as burdens. He went on to say, “Duty by itself without delight will not sustain us.” Then what is the use of duty, I thought, and what is its relationship to delight? Following is my conclusion by way of analogy:

The flywheel of duty will not continue to spin for long unless powered by the engine of delight. However, when the engine of delight misses the flywheel of duty keeps the engine of delight spinning for several revolutions until it is restarted, its spark and fuel being sought from its source, the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

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