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By clicking on Trinity Day 2 Answers you can see the answers I promised to the Bible Study on manifestation of God’s character in His trinity in God ordained social institutions. We could avoid much of the heart-ache and problems we sustain if we would follow God’s plan for how the social interactions are supposed to work. Government, for instance, is involved far beyond its God ordain sphere of influence so that it mettles in the church and family spheres. Avenging evil and defense of the citizenry is all it is supposed to do. As a result of the many other things it forces on us, we lose freedom by each one.

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Having reviewed the biblical doctrine of the Trinity I now turn to its application by God to all God-ordained social institutions. Because we have refused to understand how God’s character is expressed in what He has created and ordained we try to re-invent social institutions apart from God, effectively destroying them.  I will allow several days for study before I fill in the blanks. (Lest I be called for plagiarism, I must acknowledge the ideas of Del Tackett in “The Truth Project”. I have digested and added my own study and organization to his framework.)  Click on Outworking of the Trinity to start the study.

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I requested of my son that I be allowed to reprint his musing on life and bouldering.  Climbing just a few feet off the ground with just a pad and spotter under you has its mental challenges; It also has some significant physical challenges, but so does life. Check out the insights my son has about the two:

Bouldering is like life:
The objective is to go up
The right way is never the easy way
And the easy way is never satisfactory

Those ahead have left marks of their effort
Every step forward is pain
And only the strong or resolved continue

Strength comes from trying
Every moment rushes towards fatigue
And hesitation only rushes towards failure

Often we try problems before we are strong enough
Every season brings us closer to that strength
And failure doesn’t mean, “Don’t come back later”

Singularity is dangerous and unwise
Always have friends to spot your progress
And wholeheartedly trust them to catch your fall

Maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficulty
Always encourage your friends on in their climbs
And cheer them whether they make it to the top or not

The last move at the top is most strenuous
Every fiber of your being strains at the mantle
And all your strength, balance, endurance, and skill is tested

The peak may be your goal
But the joy of companions is sweet
And the peaceful and beautiful view surpasses

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About a month ago I was leading our Sunday School class in a quick discussion of what the the Bible says about the Trinity and what it doesn’t. Confusion about God’s triune nature is not merely a theological blunder. It effects how you live because theology has consequences. Misunderstandings and refusals to believe the basics of God’s character and intra-relationship of His persons result in more than difference of conviction. It results in heresy. We cannot fully understand the Trinity because it our logical ability to resolve the interplay of the three Scriptural declarations about who the triune God is. Read my attempt at clarifying the issues involved by clicking on Trinity

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Overflows from the Heart

"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart…" Matthew 15:18


Pointing to the One who made, saved, and sustains