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A worthwhile study for anyone searching for truth either because you don’t yet have it or because you do and want a better grip on it is evidence that Christianity is true. Following is the first point of my six part outline for such evidence. It is only introductory on the subject but is a good starting place.

I. The Bible and Its claims are true

    A. Internal

            1. Eyewitness testimony

                a. Old Testament

                        1) Abraham gen 24:7

                        2) Isaiah 6:1

                b. New Testament

                        1) Peter  II Pt 1:16-18,20-21

                        2) John  I Jn 1:1-4

                        3) Jesus  Jn 17:17

                        4) Paul  Acts 9:1-9

                        5) Disciples  Lk24:36-43; I Cor 15:1-8

                        6) Soldier  Jn 19:35

            2. Declared God’s Word

                a. O.T.

                        1. God said  Gen 1:3, Mal 4:3, II Chr 36:22

                        2. God’s Word  Ezra 7:6,10; II Kings 17:13; Jer 36:6

                b. N.T.

                        1. Jesus’ words  Jn *:26,28

                        2. Paul’s writings  II Pt 3:15-16

                        3. Revelation to John   Rev 1:1-2

    B. External Historical Evidence

            1. Ante-Nicaean fathers

                a. Jn 17:20, 20:29

                b. www.creatorworship.wordpress.com

                    “A Canon of Truth”

                c. www.ntcanon.org

(following from “New Evidence That Demands A Verdict”)

             2. Roman

                   a. Thallus (AD52)- attempt to explain away darkness

                       at Christ’s death

                   b. Tacitus (Annals)- “Cristus, the founder of the name,

                        was put to death by Pontius Pilate, procurator of

                        Judea in the reign of Tiberius, but a

                        pernicious superstition…broke out.” 

                       (implies resurrection)

              3. Jewish

                     a. Babylonian Talmud- “On the eve of Passover they

                         hanged Yeshu.”     (see Jn 19:14)

                     b. Josephus (Antiquities)- “Pilate…condemned him to

                          the cross”

             4. Earliest manuscript evidence

                     a. Ryland Manuscript P52 (Egypt)  

                                                 John fragment 130 AD

                     b. http://www.biblefacts.org/history/oldtext.html

             5. Historicity of Luke’s Gospel  


                (many examples)

                   a. Recorded enrollment of taxpayers at censuses

                       every 14 yrs   

                   b. Quirinius Inscription (Antioch)-

                                               governor of Syriaca. 7 BC

                   c.Egyptpapyrus confirms return to ancestral

                                                                               place at census

                   d. Pontius Pilate Rock of Caesarea

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