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The Way of Science

The first poem I remember writing as an adult came to me while my students were taking a test. I was struck by their recent questions of why they should know this material, how I got interested in science, and what difference it makes. My thoughts added what truth and true science are. Science succeeded and grew in Western thought because people who believed in a God of order and reason who reveals Himself sought greater understanding of Him through His Creation. That should tint how you read my poem:

I love science
For in it there is compliance
With all of the laws
Upon which this space-time draws


I study science
Because of its reliance
On a complex design
That is beautiful and fine


I teach science
That screams with defiance
Of all that is false
And dearly held without cause


If you pursue science
Prepare for acquiescence
To ways of thinking
Both disturbing and satisfying

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Have you noticed something missing from conversations in all forms of media- personal, electronic, written-about the debacle at Penn State? How about from the discussion of failed politicians, NFL or Hollywood celebrities, or riots or divorces in hometown America?  Euphemistically entitled a condition, exceptionality, syndrome, genetic disposition, problem, societal ill, disease, tendency, aberration, failure, inequity, mistake, debacle, addiction, heinous crime against humanity, acting out to name a few, this banned word denies the similarities of the list above. These replacements share two qualities, one for most of the words in the list and a second for all of them.  In the smaller group, including terms like genetic disposition, syndrome, and tendency,  blame is shifted to a different cause.  The similarity of all of the words is a denial of the real cause.  Have you guessed the true identity and name of the banned word?  Am I allowed to write it?  The word is sin.  The problem it so clearly points out is rebellion against God perpetrated by the sinner. Because of our pride resulting in selfishness we don’t want to admit to sin.  But ignoring and denying the problem does not allow for the recognition of the solution, so we Christians must talk about it. But beware because you may talk about God and that He is love and that He is good and that we should act nice and so on but if you mention sin you will be shunned or worse.   But since “through the Law comes the knowledge of sin,” (Romans 3:20) sinners will not recognize their need for a Savior or be saved if they are not taught that there is a righteous standard that all have failed to meet from a righteous God to whom they are responsible. 

If you don’t believe me that this word is banned try bringing it up in conversation. You need not be so direct as to mention a particular sin or even a particular person’s sin. Just talk about sin in your community resulting in some ill like family break-up or eventual death or even flowers wilting and see how far it gets you. Why?  “Let no one find fault, and let none offer reproof; for your people are like those who contend….” (Hosea 4:4)  But be warned, “Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” Hosea 4:6)

If you can add to my euphemistic list it would be instructive as to the depth of our….. tendency.

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Does this sentence seem strange and yet all too common to anyone else besides me?

“Tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog creatorworship.me for just $24 per year.”

Thus goes the ad at the top of my Dashboard on this blog. I want to say, “No, please read the subtitle of the blog and comprehend that though I struggle with self-absorption like the rest of the planet, I am fighting the tendency by way of the influence of the Spirit within.”

Pointing to the One who made, saved, and sustains.

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What do you do on a less than profitable day?

You search for the hidden, more lasting and substantial, intended profit for the day.

When all goes awry
And my spirit wants to fly
His calling on my life
I must recall amidst the strife
When there is stress
And my spirit feels duress
His goodness every day
I want to graciously display
When hard things come
And my spirit would succomb
His strength is my stay
I need each step of the way
When joy comes to me
And my spirit knows it’s free
His all sufficient grace
I am keeping before my face

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Overflows from the Heart

"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart…" Matthew 15:18


Pointing to the One who made, saved, and sustains