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It has been a good week for poetry. I end on an encouraging note. I owe all that I am, have, and will be to the gracious Lord Who enables me to serve Him. His Benefits are far more than I can tell. I want others to bask in His goodness by submitting to His Son. The benefits are eternal.

Father near, sovereign will
Chosen in Christ, what a thrill

Rest from work, all is done
‘It is finished’ by the Son

Peace with God, free from guilt
All because Christ’s blood was spilt

Strength to live, sin abate
His Spirit does motivate

Stress and strife, like a knife
Spirit purifies my life

Help in trials, answers prayers
God is gracious and He cares

Hardship here, glory there
Joy, comfort beyond compare

Tell good news, with you share
Eternal life here and there

Purpose now, glory then
Live for Him, soon free from sin

All that’s good, all that’s fair
Is found in Christ, jewel so rare

Come again, at the end
In His glory, sky will rend


Forever with Him then
Perfect in Him without sin



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My previous poem, “It Is a Moral Issue”, is in our society largely, I believe, the result of believing that chance, time, matter, and energy (CTME) are the cause of all that we observe. If CTME is our god we have no purpose and no responsibility. But the universe screams a different message:

Nothing random in the way the world works
Order and sequence the rule of the day
For observers consistency has perks
Cause and effect reveal the rules at play

What is the source of this order we see?
Of design in the cosmos’s scenery
Even random disorder follows laws
And beauty is objective and enthralls

Design points to an Architect with skill
Information an Intellect reveals
Beauty an Artist with canvas to fill
Order a Mathematician Who wills

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The end of the school year is upon us. It is time for a little reflection and cultural commentary. Caution and disclaimer: This poem might make you mad, or conversely, you might shake your head sadly and say, ‘yes, it’s true’. If we do not take part in the last verse I fear we will not be tolerated very much longer. As one teacher said to me yesterday unprovoked, “We are not approaching crisis; we are in crisis.”

It is a moral issue
Lack of motivation
Rejecting what is true
Rules retaliation
Tolerance the only view

It is a moral issue
Say neither bad nor good
Be careful what you do
Even watch thoughts you should
Or we will certainly sue

It is a moral issue
Immodesty of dress
Crudeness of speech in lieu
Of more polite address
What I want to say and do

It is a moral issue
Lack of hygiene and care
Knowledge, no want or clue
All perversion laid bare
Gratification my due

It is a moral issue
Stealing what is not yours
Cheating and lying too
Coveting brings detours
Not earn what belongs to you

It is a moral issue
With rank and uniform
And age and gender too
Disrespect is the norm
Not even give God His due

It is a moral issue
Death is the focus now
Black the favorite hue
To dark stories they bow
Tattoos and piercings not few

It is a moral issue
Cry out to God, repent
Trust Christ the Savior Who
By grace from wraths relent
Our hope and nation renew

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Overflows from the Heart

"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart…" Matthew 15:18


Pointing to the One who made, saved, and sustains